Wool Industry

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The wool industry produces around 1160 million kilograms (mkg) of clean wool per year. Wool is produced on several million small-hold and commerical farms worldwide, and the industry employs millions of people in producing, harvesting, and processing the valuable raw material.

Wool is a globally traded commodity and its market diversity is vast and ever-evolving. Apparel and fashion, athletic/sports and leisure wear, flooring, upholstery and other interior textiles, the automotive and aviation industries... all use wool.

A single sheep provides, in general, about 4.5 kg of wool per year, or the equivalent of 10+ metres of fabric. That's enough for six sweaters or to cover one large sofa. The wool industry, globally, cares for about 1.160 billion sheep.

As an industry that relies on sheep to produce a natural fibre, the wool community is naturally concerned with and committed to animal welfare. The industry also takes pride in wool's planet-friendly qualities, and is dedicated to making wool's environmental credentials better understood and more widely known.

As a natural fibre, wool textile manufacturibng requires a complex supply chain. Learn more about the path wool takes from sheep to shop (and its second life and more) here.