Odour Resistance

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Wearing wool? No sweat

Human sweat has no odour. What we know as unpleasant sweat odour only builds up over time as bacteria develop on our clothes. Wool textiles are naturally odour resistant due to wool's natural fibre properties, which wicks moisture away to that it can never build up the bacteria that cause odour.

It's been said that man-made textiles have spent years of research trying to recreate this process, which wool has done totally naturally all along.

Clothes that Breathe

Wool has the natural ability to breathe and can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture due to its hydrophilic core. This is then naturally released as vapour in to the air and provides comfort from perspiration. 

Active Perspiration Control

Wool is more effective than synthetics at absorbing perspiration caused by exertion. The natural absorption of wool moves moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate, ensuring coolness and dryness. 

Odour Reduction

Wool will absorb moisture, reducing sweat on the body, this in turn reduces the amount of resulting body odour, caused by sweat and its contact with any bacteria on the skin. 


While synthetic clothes have to be washed regularly, wool can easily be freshened up through airing out as wool does not retain odours.

Product Applications

These odour resistance properties of wool make it an ideal fibre for next to skin products such as underwear, socks, base layers or t-shirts. Consumers can feel comfortable being active outdoors, playing sports and just spending long days at work or travelling without the risk of starting to smell.