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Norwegian Woolday: Reasons to Be Cheerful

The annual Norwegian Woolday took place last month in Oslo, hosted by IWTO Member Norilia, a Norwegian wool cooperative, in collaboration with the organisations Norwegian Industry and Abelia. This day gathers a diverse group of people from the entire value chain, including farmers, wool classifiers, spinners and weavers, designers and brands. This year's main topic was Sustainability. 

The sport brand Ulvang used the occasion to show their new sweater, made with Norwegian Wool spun in Norway, which is garnering much attention in their European market (pictured). Greater than A, the new fashion brand by World Champion Skier Aksel Lund Svindal, announced the launched of a collection with merino wool as well as jackets with Norwegian Wool padding made by Baur Vliesstoffe, who work with several Norwegian sport brands to develop similar products. (Expect to see some great innovations at the upcoming ISPO.)

Norway has long been a leader in wool sustainability work with Norwegian wool the first wool to be labelled with the Nordic Swan (equivalent to the EU Flower). A Cradle to Cradle Quality Assessment Certificate is also available.

"In Norway we have the advantage of farming practice without pesticides, very little medical treatments, high standard in animal welfare and not to forget the sheep`s important role of grazing huge areas of cultural landscape that would otherwise be overgrown, adding to biodiversity and happy farmers,” said Kjersti Kviseth from 2025design after her key note address on wool in LCA and fibre ratings. 

Marion Tviland, director of Norilia`s wool department, who manages 3200 tons a year of coarse wool from crossbred and other local breeds, is optimistic on behalf of the Norwegian Wool.

“We see an increased interest for Norwegian wool in many areas," Ms Tviland said. "Knitting has been a huge trend the past years, and now we see an increase in demand for upholstery and interior textiles. A very promising trend is seen in sport and fashion, where several brands have implemented Norwegian Wool in their collections, from jacket paddings to sweaters, coats and other items. I am truly optimistic for the future.” 

This increased demand leads to local supply chains of small weavers and spinners being fully booked. Through several R&D projects the past years, both quality and use of wool from old local breeds is growing, adding new looks of pigmented wool into the fashion and knitting scene. 



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