OIE Adopts Global Animal Welfare Strategy

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Paris, 24 May 2017 – The first OIE global strategy on animal welfare has been adopted by the 180 Member Countries of the Wold Organisation for Animal Health.

Focused on the growing improvement in animal health in conjunction with human well-being, the strategy aims to ‘achieve a world where the welfare of the animals is respected, promoted and strengthened in parallel.’ 

The adoption of the strategy was part of the 85th General Session of the OIE World Assembly of Delegates, a six-day event attended by nearly 900 participants, including IWTO, who joined the Delegates of 180 Member Countries, numerous scientists, and observers from 43 international, intergovernmental, regional and national organisations.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding, IWTO and OIE share research and information concerning sustainability and animal welfare. Read more about our partnership here.

During the event, the OIE also launched a project to improve its World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS). First developed 10 years ago, the WAHIS ensures the early detection of emerging diseases.  The updated WAHIS+ system will be geared towards even better record keeping and data analysis, thereby facilitating the control of animal disease and the safety of international trade in animals and animal products.



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