DNFI Announces Innovation in Natural Fibres Award

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To recognize innovation in the development of products and processes using natural fibres, the Discover Natural Fibres Initiative (DNFI) invites submissions to its 2017 Innovation in Natural Fibres Award.

Aiming to promote the development of new products/components and applications using natural fibres as well as new processes for manufacturing of environmental friendly products, universities, institutes, industry and individuals working in the area of scientific research are invited to participate.

“Sustainability” should be just one important aspect of each submission considered by the judges. 

Submissions may be made in three categories:

  • Innovative products/components or applications
  • Innovative processes/procedures
  • Research and science

Evaluation criteria are:

  • Degree to which the product or process innovation has been implemented
  • Outstanding scientific work and technical feasibility
  • Level of improvement, effectiveness or innovation
  • Potential for opening new outlets and markets or sectors
  • Aspects for the agricultural or sustainable impact

Closing date for applications is 28 July 2017.

Formed in 2010 to continue the work of the International Year of Natural Fibres, the DNFI provides a platform for the natural fibres stakeholder community.

Application and submission forms are available on the DNFI website, www.dnfi.org/award/.


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