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Standards are important in any industry. Standards are documents that establish specifications and procedures to ensure the reliability of products, materials and services. The wool industry has developed its own set of standards that apply to wool, and continues to refine its standards as technology and knowledge develop.

IWTO Specifications include all test methods and draft test methods developed within the Committees of IWTO for the measurement of wool fibre, yarn and fabric properties.

Full Test methods provide the objective, technical and scientific measurements required for issuing IWTO test certificates. Both Full and Draft Test Methods are published annually in the IWTO Red Book. The Red Book is available for purchase through the IWTO Head Office. Write to to order a copy.

View the Index of  the Red Book here.  

IWTO Regulations define the sampling and certification procedures and detail the procedures for resolving disputes in relation to certified test results. These Regulations are published annually in the IWTO White Book. This publication is available for purchase through the IWTO Head Office. Write to to order.

View the Index of the 2015 White Book here.

Carpet Standards

IWTO works with CEN and ISO in the development of standards for the carpet industry. Through IWTO's representation and contribution of experts, in a sector that is dominated by synthetic fibres, the wool industry ensures that the carpet standards being developed are fair for wool. For example, becasue wool is a natural fibre it may require different tests from those that work for man-made fibres. Through IWTO's participation the wool industry ensures that the requirements for wool are being included in the writing of the standard. 


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