Wool and Your Health

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Wool next to skin while you work, play and sleep – the latest developments in the field of wool wellness science, at the upcoming IWTO Congress

The implications for wool in human health and well-being is an exciting new area of science. IWTO's Product Wellness Working Group is at the forefront of research ranging from the effect of wool on a good night's sleep to helping the body cope with changes in humidity.

At the same time individuals like former international cyclist and Type 1 diabetic Roddy Riddle are leading the way in proving the wonders of wool at the extremes: Diagnosed at age 40 with Type 1 diabetes, Roddy last year finished second in the 6633 Arctic Ultra – also known as "the Beast" – with the sixth fastest time in the 10-year history of the race. His key kit for success in -40 temperatures over 350 miles in the canadian Yukon included Armadillo Merino base layers, giraffe neck scarves, beanies and glove liners.

At the upcoming congress of the International Wool Textile Organisation, we'll hear how wool can make a difference to people who struggle with sleep, skin conditions, and extreme marathons, and how that translates to a better quality of life even in ordinary, daily activities. View the Programme here.

Join Us for the IWTO Congress

Join us May 14-16 in Hong Kong where some 250 participants, from all stages of the wool textile supply chain, will gather to address wool's role in a future increasingly defined by sustainable fashion and interiors.

The impressive speaker line-up begins with Keynote Speaker Mr Stephen Wong, former Regional Director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

For full details and to register, visit www.iwto.org/events/2018-congress.

To learn more about the work of IWTO on wool and human health and well-being, visit www.iwto.org/work/health-wellness

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