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The Latest in Wool Statistics: the New Edition of IWTO’s Market Information Now Available

Discover the most recent figures on wool’s global market and the textile industry.

Statistics allow us to understand the state of the market more deeply and are key when trying to foresee its future.

IWTO’s annual Market Information provides a compilation of statistics on global wool production and the textile industry along with analysis of the wool market, economic trends. Special features of the publication include a review of the last season and an outlook for what lies ahead.

“The IWTO Market Information publication aims to summarise the statistics of the previous year’s wool production and trade and offer a glimpse on trends that might influence activities in the coming year,” says Dalena White, IWTO Secretary General.

“This new publication incorporates the work of Mr. Chris Wilcox from Poimena Analysis, who has been collecting wool industry data for more than 30 years and has a firm grasp on which economic drivers could influence wool production, sales figures and market prices.”

See for yourself what makes the Market Information unique in this special preview.

To purchase copy, visit IWTO's online store by clicking here. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an automatic download.

The Market Information is one of the benefits of IWTO membership. Find out more about becoming a part of the future of wool by joining the industry’s number one wool community by clicking here.

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