The Benefits of Shearing

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The Benefits of Shearing

Learn how shearing can make a difference in these new videos

Wool fabric is a natural renewable resource that has been used for centuries with many different purposes, including keeping both sheep and humans warm. Its suitability, sustainability and excellence have been relied upon in every type of climate, making this product one of the most trusted fibres in the textile sector. In a period where businesses increasingly care about implementing sustainable practices, wool is above all appreciated as a resource for its natural, renewable and fully biodegradable characteristics.

In order to harvest this product, the act of collecting wool fleece from sheep known as shearing is key. Shearing is hard work and requires technical skill, but to those that participate in it it’s become an enjoyable and meaningful task.

BKB, South Africa's leading authority on agriculture, and British Wool, a non-profit organisation that has been collecting, grading, promoting and selling British fleece wool since 1950, have put together a series of videos where you can learn more about the process of shearing, some interesting facts, and why it matters.

“It took so much work to become part of this incredible story. You learn with a team upon fun and nature, there’s magic to it. The reward is knowing you’re a part of something greater” says one of BKB’s shearers. Find out more about his story by watching BKB’s video and British Wool’s video.

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