Recycled Wool: A Primer

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Déjà Wool

Rediscover recycled wool in this new report by European Outdoor Group

Thanks to the growing relevance of sustainability for brands’ materials choices, interest in recycled materials is booming. And with it, interest in recycled wool.

Unlike many other textiles, used wool clothing has long been compatible with both open and closed loop recycling processes, and has been a commercially viable raw material for 200+ years.

With this in mind, the European Outdoor Group (EOG), an association representing 100 outdoor brands, retailers and technology brands, and Greenroom Voice, its partner organisation for communication, took a closer look at wool's second life, and have published the results Recycled Wool: A Primer for Newcomers & Rediscoverers. 

This introduction to recycled wool covers the production process, sustainability and traceability, chemical management, and lead times.

Combining environmental benefits with the option for European near-shore quality production at affordable cost, it's the perfect time to look at recycled wool



Discover more about wool and recycling with IWTO’s fact sheet, here.

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