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Città Studi Biella launches the 1st edition of a University Master in Fibre Design and Textile Processes

IWTO is pleased to announce a new first edition of a Specialising University Master in Fibre Design and Textile Processes launched by Città Studi Biella (Italy)

Italian fashion and brands are well-known and widely recognized throughout the world. It comes as no surprise that the know-how of its textile sector provides the country’s fashion industry the base to create products of high-quality.

Today, Città Studi Biella is helping the textile industry reach a new milestone by launching the 1st edition of a Specialising University Master in Fibre Design and Textile Processes. This master aims to train technical managers to prepare them for the textile industry 4.0 with the goal of creating new textile professional roles capable of combining both innovative skills and design.

The textile sector has proven to one of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving sectors of all time. For that, it seems clear that to move towards the future we need new professionals able to promote the sector’s values, taking into account its environment full of fresh innovations and new dimensions. With the asset of a unique educational programme, this master looks at textiles in a new perspective, with an emphasis on the industry 4.0 characterised by inclusive, smart and sustainable industrial processes. It will provide young professionals with the capabilities to design innovative fibres and new materials, including key topics such as sustainability and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Starting in October 2018, the programme will be instructed completely in English with a strong emphasis on providing a business-oriented education –including an internship period– with the collaboration of numerous prestigious textile brands. Learn more about it by clicking here

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