Market Intelligence

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How many sheep are there in the world? How much wool is produced each year? Which country is the largest wool importer?

Figures like these are key for everyone working in the wool industry and the Market Intelligence Committee is charged with providing them.


  • Collecting, monitoring and analysing data from growers, manufacturers, processors, retailers, and consumers, and provides statistics and forecasts for wool and and wool-related industries
  • Conducting the annual IWTO Wool Textile Business Condition Survey and the Country Production Survey, capturing the most recent industry trends and developments
  • Organising the Market Intelligence Forum at the annual IWTO Congress, a popular session where a broad range of experts discuss market risks and opportunities for today’s wool business. Members can download all presentations from the Market Intelligence Forum in the Members Area of the website
  • Produces the annual Market Information, a statistical report for the global wool production and textile industry, with data and analysis on all aspects of the wool industry from farm to fashion. Preview the latest edition or learn more here. The Market Information is available for purchase on IWTO's online store.

Committee Chair: Chris Wilcox
Committee Secretary: Roberto Cardellino