Watch and learn more about wool's environmental credentials in these videos with globally-recognized experts in life cycle assessment (LCA)

IWTO's Sustainable Practices Working Group brought this group of LCA authorities together to focus on wool's environmental footprint.

The wool textile industry is committed to high environmental standards and through IWTO conducts the research needed to confirm wool as a sustainable premiuim fibre.

Increasingly seen as a sustainable lifestyle choice for fashion and interiors, caring consumers can be assured that wool is not only natural, but is part of the natural cycle of life. 

These videos will deepen your understanding about wool's environmental performance, and the work being done by IWTO through its LCA Technical Advisory Group. 


Life Cycle Assessment of Wool: Research and Results

Dr. Beverley Henry, Associate Professor at Queensland University of Technology and Chair of the IWTO LCA Technical Advisory Group, explains the role of this group of the world's leading LCA experts, and highlights their achievements to date in improving the methodology and data in wool LCA.

Wool LCA and Environmental Benchmarking Tools

Dave Maslen, Global Partnerships Manager for The New Zealand Merino Company Ltd and member of IWTO's LCA Technical Advisory Group, explains the background of environmental benchmarking tools and the relationship and potential of wool Life Cycle Assessment.


The Value of LCA Guidelines

Dr. Stewart Ledgard of AgResearch, New Zealand, and member of IWTO's LCA Technical Advisory Group, speaks about the value of developing LCA guidelines for wool.

Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Grazing Animals

Dr. Stewart Ledgard of AgResearch, New Zealand, and member of IWTO's LCA Technical Advisory Group, describes the challenges in calculating carbon dioxide and methane emissions for grazing animals.


Allocation Methods in LCAs for Wool

Researcher Stephen Wiedemann of FSA Consulting, Australia and member of the IWTO LCA Technical Advisory Group, summarizes the impact of the choice of allocation method in performing life cycle assessments for wool production systems.



Wool and Recycling: Recognizing Wool's Use and Post-Use Phases in LCA

Wool is a very recyclable fibre. A valuable raw material, there are many opportunities to keep wool in circulation for long periods of time. Stephen Russell, Professor of Textile Materials and Technology at Leeds University and member of the IWTO Technical Advisory Group, discusses the implications of recycling on life cycle assessments of wool.

Wool LCAs and the Supply Chain

There are so many different wool products - from carpets to socks to suits to automotive insulation. Each product has its own supply chain, made up of different elements. Dr. Barbara Nebel of PE International (Australia and New Zealand), member of the IWTO LCA Technical Advisory Group, explains why different wool items have different LCAs, and how these LCAs are of value to the wool industry supply chain.


How the Wool Industry Contributes to Improving Wool LCAs

Dr. Paul Swan, GM Research at Australian Wool Innovation and Chair of the IWTO Sustainable Practices Working Group, outlines the work of the LCA Technical Advisory Group, highlighting the importance of wool industry participation in estblishing good data for LCA at each stage of the processing pipeline.


Wool Film: A Fibre for the World We Live in Today

IWTO's film about wool and its benefits gives an overview of wool's performance, practical attributes, and environmental advantages. 

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Wool Film en Español

IWTO ha lanzado una película sobre la lana y sus beneficios, creado como una herramienta de soporte para la industria de la lana de las actividades con respecto a la obtención de un mejor acceso a los mercados para la fibra de lana.

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Wool Film en Français

IWTO a publié un film sur les avantages de la laine , créé comme un appui pour les activités de l'industrie lainière afin de faciliter l'accès au marché de la fibre lainière.

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Wool Film auf Deutsch

IWTO hat einen Film über Wolle und ihre Vorteille veröffentlicht, der als Ansatzpunkt für
Aktivitäten der Wollindustrie gelten soll mit dem Ziel besseren Marktzugangs für die Wollfaser
zu ermöglichen.

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Wool Film Italiano

IWTO ha realizzato un film sulla lana e sulle sue proprieta’, esso e’ stato creato a supporto delle attivita’ dell’industria laniera allo scopo di migliorarne l’ accesso al mercato.

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国际毛纺织组织(IWTO)- 羊毛宣传片

Wool Film in Chinese by IWTO

IWTO has released a film about wool and its benefits, created as a supporting tool for the wool industry’s activities with respect to obtaining a better market access for the wool fibre.

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Wool Roadmap

IWTO has released a Roadmap for the wool industry sector in order to improve the market access development for wool in all application areas.

The Roadmap is currently available in six languages, just select below.


IWTO roadmap Chinese


For publications specificaly released for the different sectors represented by IWTO, please see here.