Wool Trade Biosecurity

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Ensuring positive animal health outcomes is of paramount concern for the global wool industry, including ensuring freedom from emergency animal diseases, such as Foot-and-Mouth disease (FMD).

Due to the interconnectedness of international trade, an outbreak of a serious emergency animal disease within any major wool growing country could pose major systemic risks to the entire wool textile supply chain. 


About the Wool Trade Biosecurity Working Group

The Wool Trade Biosecurity Working Group is a forum for wool industry members involved in animal health, transport, export and import of greasy wool. The mission of the working group is to:

-        Improve sharing of information, research and communication between grower countries, importing countries and authorities.

-        Work collectively to minimise trade risks;

-        Avoid unnecessary and unplanned duplication of related research activities where possible;

-        Identify, monitor and review relevant protocols, rules and regulations, and;

-        Build a strong and effective working relationship with key stakeholders such as OIE.

Chair: Dr George de Kock
Secretary: Jeannette Cook



American Sheep Industry (ASI)

Cape Wools South Africa