Natural Fibre Award to Tarp Alternative

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Natural Fibre Award to Tarp Alternative 

A natural fibre alternative to PVC tarpaulin, developed by Professor Dr. Debasish Das from the University of Calcutta in partnership with Professor Dr. Subhas Ghosh from the Eastern Michigan University, has received the annual Discover Natural Fibres Initiative Award.

The cotton-jute blend fabric is waterproof and biodegradable and meets fire-retardancy standards. Used in canopies, this natural alternative allows the transfer of moisture vapour to avoid the accumulation of humidity on the underside of the fabric. The fabric will be produced on a commercial scale by MS. Ajanta Textiles in India. 

The award ceremony was held 8 January at Heimtexil. The Hon. Mr. Moloy Chandan Chakrabortty, representing the government of India, as well as Dr. Christian Schindler from ITMF were present to congratulate the winners.

DNFI was founded in 2009 during the United Nations' Year of the Natural Fibre. IWTO Secretary General Dalena White is currently serving a two-year term as vice chair.

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