Licensing Panel

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IWTO’s Licensing Panel 

The Licensing Panel is composed of Members nominated by National Committees who have a Licensing Laboratory within their country.
Each National Committee may nominate a maximum of two members.

  • Chairman: Jens Nielsen (Germany)
  • Secretary: Ben Roberts (IWTO)

The IWTO Licensing Panel has the following responsibilities:

  • To regularly review the IWTO licensing procedures and recommend changes, where appropriate.
  • To determine which Test Methods, having related Regulations, are to qualify for IWTO licensing, and from what date such licensing may be implemented.
  • To verify that the national accreditation bodies, which have accredited laboratories to ISO /IEC 17025 or its equivalent are themselves accredited to ISO/IEC 17011 and have MRAs with sister bodies, and to check the conformity of their Accreditation Certificates and supplementary documentation against the IWTO Test Methods for which licensing is sought.
  • To give advice to any applicant or accredited laboratories and accreditation bodies that raise questions on specific IWTO licensing issues.
  • To instigate action against any non-licensed laboratory that has issued IWTO Certificates since 1st January 1997, and to advise the President and the Secretary-General as to the most appropriate course of action to counter cases of fraud or of misuse of the name of IWTO, where Certificates bearing its name are concerned.
  • To regularly review the format of IWTO Test Certificates issued by licensed laboratories to ensure that they comply with the relevant regulations and licensing rules.  To also review the format of non-IWTO Certificates or reports issued by licensed laboratories to ensure that the IWTO name or logo is not being used improperly.
  • The IWTO Laboratory Licensing Panel determines the circumstances under which IWTO Test Certificates may be issued.
  • The Panel maintains a register of laboratories holding IWTO accreditation.