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Our passion for wool means we need to work together. Which is why so many of today's wool businesses have already joined forces through IWTO.

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What Members Say about IWTO

Campaign for Wool, UK - Peter Ackroyd, COO

IWTO is relevant for the wool industry because we as an industry need to back up our claim that wool is sustainable. And to back up such a claim we need to prove it, and to prove it we need to have scientific evidence as back up. IWTO has always been on the forefront of scientific evidence. We have been recognised by world authorities as being that authority. 


H. Dawson, UK - Jo Dawson, CEO

This is an opportunity for you to be able to say what you want to happen in the wool industry - IWTO is a great forum for doing so. IWTO is our industry body - it is not a separate part of the industry - therefore we can use it to speak and act on our behalf whilst representing our interests at a global industry level.


Cape Wools, South Africa - Louis de Beer, CEO

What is great about IWTO is the networking. Meeting and seeing new people and new friends, learning about what they do and what they love most and being able to share and talk to them. We benefit by making sure that we are in tune with what is happening globally. Making sure that the global industry understands what is happening in South Africa and just being able to create those linkages 


Benetton, Italy – Lorenzo Dovesi, CEO

Wool is the pillar upon which Benetton was founded and the basis of its success. It is still  a fundamental material in our collections today, and certainly the most strategic, for it is wool that allows us to differentiate ourselves the most from our competitors. In this context IWTO membership represents an opportunity for us to keep close to the wool supply chain and to understand the evolution of the processes, costs and the sustainability path that this industry is taking. 


Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA), Australia - Michael Jackson, CEO

I don't think anything relevant happens by everyone sitting in their own country and not interacting with other people around the world. We need everyone from around the world to work together. If you work in isolation things will not progress as much as when you work together. Being a member of IWTO gives you that opportunity. 


Wool Grower, South Africa - Geoff Kingwill, Owner

There are in grower countries particularly good wool organisations, but a lot of the advocacy issues which address what is important to consumers’ needs to be done on a global scale rather than on a country scale. IWTO is ideally positioned to do it. Also if we don't do it, it won’t be done. So our image will be determined by old data, by misconceptions and things like that and it is important that we get our image right, we have got lots to be proud of. 


Lanas Trinidad, Uruguay – Pedro Otegui, CEO

The organisation is gathering people from around the world to work together. Not to think the same, but to put things in good order for all to develop and have better conditions.  Traceability brings transparency.  Animal welfare, land management, no contamination in the industry pipe, ... all matters!” 


Schute Bell Badgery Lumby, Australia – Robert Ryan, CEO

When you are in the wool industry you have to be involved. You have to be there when decisions are made or contribution is needed and work needs to be done. If you don’t keep talking, promoting and discussing things then you will just drift away into many different directions. 

Südwolle Group, Germany - Klaus Steger, CEO

As a representative of a company it is important to hear what the wool industry has to say and what topics are discussed. IWTO is the only truly international group that represents the interests of the wool industry in the world. All the topics that are discussed at IWTO are relevant and it is good to be part of it, it is good to hear what people think and it is also good to have some influence in the discussion [new photo]


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Annual fees starts at € 2100 and are based on wool volume turnover in million kg or equivalent. Membership benefits apply to all employees of the member entity. 

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