IWTO's History

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IWTO was born in 1924 out of an arbitration agreement signed between the representative bodies of the British and French wool textile industries, the Bradford and Roubaix Tourcoing Chambers of Commerce. Shortly afterwards, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Czechoslovakia joined the arbitration agreement, which required an annual meeting to discuss the evolution of trade, technical, and other issues affecting the wool industry.

As a result of the success of these International Wool Conferences, in 1928 the French delegation, represented by Maurice Dubrulle, proposed to create a permanent organisation, to be charged with coordinating all of the participating national committees, as well as representing their interests in international fora or economic organisations.

Accordingly in September of 1930, the International Wool Textile Organisation was created.



  • Hon. Founder-President: Maurice Dubrulle (France)
  • André Peltzer (Belgium) • A.R. Baines (UK)
  • R. Lombardi (Italy) • N.H. Schilling (Germany)
  • M. Vives-Jenny (Spain)
  • Georges Peltzer (Belgium)
  • C.M.D. Roberts (UK)
  • C. Herbert Waldhausen (Germany)
  • S.S. Nevile (Australia)
  • G.J. Ten Broeke (Netherlands)
  • Jean-Marie Segard (France)
  • Henry Grunzke (Germany)
  • Dieter J. Vollstedt (Germany)
  • Juan Casanovas (Spain)
  • Michael Lempriere (Australia)
  • Günther Beier (Germany)
  • Peter Ackroyd (UK) – currently in office



  • David G. Price (UK)
  • William Lakin (UK)
  • Henrik Kuffner (Germany)
  • Elisabeth van Delden (Germany)
  • Dalena White (South Africa) – currently in office