Executive Committee

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IWTO is governed by a nine-member Board elected by the General Assembly of Members. Specific functions include general administration and operations, appointment of the Chairs of Committees, daily management of the organisation (in coordination with the Secretary General), and administration of the budget and acounts. The Executive Committee meets on a regular basis.


Mr. Peter Ackroyd MBE (UK)
(Global Strategic Advisor - The Woolmark Company; COO - The Campaign for Wool)

Vice President

Mr. Piercarlo Zedda (Italy)
(CEO of Pantex SPA)


Mr. Wolfgang Edmayr (South Africa)

(Managing Director, BKB Limited)


Board Members

Mr. Diego Jones (Argentina)

(President, Unilan Trelew S.A.)


Mr. Michael A. Jackson (Australia)
(Managing Director of Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA)


Mr. Klaus Steger (Germany)
(CEO Südwolle GmbH & Co. KG)


Ms. Peng Yanli (China)

(President  - CWTA)

 Mr.Osman Kilic (Turkey)
 (Executive Board Member - ORMO Group)


Mr. Pedro Otegui (Uruguay)

(Executive Board Member - Lanas Trinidad)