Wool Round Table 2014

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The Wool Round Table 2014 began with a day-long Multi-Stakeholder Meeting of more than 80 participants including legislators, regulators, wool industry leaders, NGOs and retailers.

With the generous support of the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee, the Multi-Stakeholder Meeting offered a day of open dialogue, with the opportunity to share scientific data and technical expertise on key issues including wool sheep welfare, sustainability and wool trade biosecurity.

The meeting took place at the EESC's Van Maerlant Building. Speakers included Franck Berthe, Euroean Food Safety authority; Francois Gary, Phylum; Dr Paul Swan, Australian Wool Innovation; Malcolm Corbett, British Wool Marketing Board; Patricia Hualde, European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry; Mike Madden, Enco Global Testing Services; Stephen Russell, Leeds University; Sauro Guerri, Progetto Lana; Mark Sumner, Leeds University; Gillian Mylrea, World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

Day Two of the Round Table focused on international trade agreements and their impact on the wool industry, and the role of wool in fire safety and protection.

Speakers included María Isabel Garcia Catalan,  European Commission DG Trade; Julio Cardoso, European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry; Karl Spilhaus, Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute; Garry Brown, UK Fire, Resilience and Emergencies Directorate; Andy Caughey, Armadillo Merino; Tom Hainsworth, A W Hainsworth & Sons; Kurt Waselwander, Schoeller Spinning Group.