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10 Reasons to Choose Wool

Sometimes you only need one reason, but here we give you ten. 


1. Wool is 100% natural.

A natural protein fibre, wool grows naturally on sheep all over the world.



2.Wool is a renewable resource.

Sheep produce a new fleece every year. It grows naturally. All the sheep need to do it is a blend of air, water, sunshine and grass. 




3. Wool is part of the natural carbon cycle.

Sheep process the organic carbon from the plants they eat, and store it in their wool. 40% of a fleece's weight is pure organic carbon.




4. Wool clothes last longer, saving you money and saving natural resources.

Research shows that wool garments are worn on average for up to 10 years, compared to up to 3 years for garments made from other fibres.




5. Wool is readily recyclable.

Commercially viable open and closed loop systems have existed for 100+ years.



6. Wool is biodegradable.

Wool will decompose in moist soil in a matter of years, releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.




7. Wool clothing can be aired between washings, saving water, energy and time doing laundy.

Simply hang it up – in fresh air or near a window is good, or hang it in the bathroom, where steam from your hot bath or shower will release dirt and odours.



8. Wool is naturally flame resistant.

Wool's unique cell structure is high in nitrogen and water, making it resistant to flame, and wool fibres can help prevent the spread of fire, making it ideal for home furnishings.



9. Wool improves indoor air quality.

The wool in carpets and upholstery will absorb and lock away pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), resulting in a healthier environment!


10. Wool does not contribute to microplastic pollution.

Wool is a protein, like hair. It biodegrades in soil and in water. Researchers are studying now how quickly wool proteins break down in the ocean.