Better Sleep

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Sleep has been identified as one of the key factors to a healthy lifestyle influencing stress levels, concentration and even body weight. Research shows that sleeping in wool supports a good night's sleep in several different ways. 

Over the years, research has identified the various natural properties of wool that make it an ideal choice for beds, mattresses and bedding. 

  • Wool is a natural insulator helping body temperatures to stay at a comfortable level at night irrespective of summer or winter time. 
  • Wool's moisture management properties absorb moisture away from the body and releasing it as vapour into the air without feeling wet.
  • Dust mites thrive in hot humid conditions, but wool's breathability reduces humidity and keeps temperatures from rising, making wool bedding ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Sleeping in wool is also safer due to wool's fire retardant properties. 

New Research 

Recent research conducted by the University of Sydney and funded by The Woolmark Company found even more evidence of how wool improves sleep. 

Increase in Total Sleep Time

Research participants sleeping in wool apparel slept significantly longer compared to sleeping in non-wool apparel under hot conditions. 

Faster Sleep Onset and Improvement of Sleep Efficiency

Wool's breathability and moisture management properties offer an ideal microclimate humidity within the bed leading to ease of falling asleep, enhancing deep sleep and sleep efficiency. 

Download our Wool & Sleep Fact Sheet (PDF)