About IWTO

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IWTO is the recognized global authority for standards in the wool textile industry. Since 1930, IWTO has represented the interests of the wool textile trade at a global level. IWTO members emcompass 60% of the world's total wool production, from sheep to shop. By facilitating industry strategy and ensuring standards in manufacturing and sustainability, IWTO fosters connection between members and other stakeholders through mutual support of opportunities for wool.



  • The annual IWTO Congress – a key event for the global wool textile industry
  • Publishing wool trade standards, arbitration rules and wool production and market statistics
  • Coordinating research on key topics such as sustainability, sheep welfare and biosecurit
  • Liaising with governments, NGOs and other stakeholders on topics of joint concern
  • Providing a platform for the wool industry to develop strategies
  • Licensing laboratories around the world to ensure that wool is tested to the highest standards